I want to try to establish three things. Who is John, where did he live and the name of his wife.

The conclusions that I have drawn are based on my logic of the related information. I have tried not to be biased and make big leaps in my conclusions.

I doubt that my work will be accepted, more likely it will be ignored. There is always the danger of NIHS "Not Invented Here Syndrome" interfering.

The answers to all the “we know” statements will be found in the following chapters.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why This Blog?

In September 2015 I discovered that the records in Family Search for John Soper and Mary Houser Soper and family had names changed, new members of the family merged, records removed from one parent and added to another. 

The actual John Soper was given a different birth date and place, Mary Houser had her name changed to  Mary Yate. Some of their children were moved to a different family, some one elses's childern became John and Marys children. Records were merged and re-merged and left unfix-able.

There are a number of people that claim John Soper as an ancestor, and there are two camps, those that claim Mary Yate as John's wife and those that claim Mary Houser. I am in the Mary Houser camp. 

I will use land records to establish Mary Houser as John’s wife, with land records,who Mary Yate was and how she might fit into the mix and find the Location of The Vale of Benjamin on a current map.

All the reference material that I had gathered over the years was in folders and unorganized.  As I progressed in the research, I realized I needed to make the information clear and readable and in one place; what would be better than a blog?  

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